Mortis Chronicles: Tale of Cowardice, the Mythical 2D RPG, hits 68% Funding with 6 days to go until the Crowdfunder Ends!

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Brighton, England – 12th January 2022: Noovola and Mark Lecarde are extremely excited to announce that Mortis Chronicles: Tale of Cowardice, the 2D turn-based indie RPG rich in lore, magic, and demons, has officially hit 68% of its Kickstarter funding goal. Anyone looking to play the short demo can do so via the official page here. Help get the Kickstarter campaign to 100% by clicking here.


The campaign will run until 19th January 2022 with a funding goal of £3,000/$4,000, with the full title set for release during Q3 of 2022. Mortis is also available for wishlisting right now on Steam!


About Mortis Chronicles:

Mortis Chronicles: Tale of Cowardice is a turn-based 2D RPG set in the mythical world of Mortis. Play as Evander and his party of rapscallions as they set out to defeat the Grand Demons and protect this magical realm. Will you and your posse succumb to the demonic pressure or will you conquer your foes to restore peace and balance, in this thrilling tale pitting bravery against cowardice?


Put your skills to the test in this tactical turn-based affair and take control of Evander and his squad, each possessing their own unique set of skills that, strategically combined, can lead towards your enemy’s demise. Outsmart your opponents through hand-on-hand combat, casting powerful spells to heal, revive, and do damage, and conjure ancient magic to expose your opponent’s weaknesses.

Key Features:

Mortis Chronicles couples familiar mechanics with the genre with unique elements of strategy and combat to bring a fresh perspective to the turn-based gaming experience. Here’s a summary of the game’s mechanics below:

  • Manipulate the turn order to gain an advantage over your enemies to obtain more moves by selecting Pressure, confusing your opponent and disabling their attack in the process.
  • Boost your attacks to gain various special effects, by selecting Taunt, provoke your enemies. Select the Expose option to know exactly which moves to use to deal further damage.
  • Conjure up powerful spells from the elements of the planet: Fire, Water, Wind, Lightning, and more! Pay attention to your Magic Points and who you’re facing, as you will only have a limited amount of usage during fights to maximise your damage.
  • Be careful, as some enemies will have their own unique abilities. Make sure to dodge this curveball as it could spell a permanent end for you and your party.
  • Break enemy shields to inflict the Stagger effect and earn a short rest to figure out how to proceed in your ongoing engagement.
  • Learn new skills and upgrade current ones using Class Mastery Points, earned after certain fights.


Learn even more about Mortis through Mark Lecarde’s Twitter, Mortis’ Lead Developer & Designer, here, and by checking out the free-to-use Mortis press kit here. Make sure to check out Noovola’s linktree here, which houses links to all their socials and their website.