Robocracy, a VR arcade shooter, is announced

DGMA, an independent Russian VR game development studio, announces the sequel of its popular game Galactic Rangers VR named Robocracy.

On the borders of the explored space robots with an error in their code managed to unite against humans. They build their stations on uninhabited planets and plan to conquer and enslave humans. Galactic Rangers have to fight Robocracy and save the basic needs of people: petting kittens, having breakfast in bed and arguing over the web. 

The game follows the style of the first part. DGMA aims to create a feeling of a classic arcade cabinet, where gamers could play mindblowing wave-shooters. By using special colors and music surrounding developers try to create an atmosphere of the ’80s.

New guns, new enemies
Classic arcades are known for a variety of guns, players can use, and enemies coming wave by wave. DGMA follows these standards and creates different badass guns and different mighty types of robots and bosses.

The game will be accessible on different devices, such as Oculus devices, HTC Vive Windows MR. 

The release is set for August 1, 2022.

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