The playtests of WW2 Rebuilder are starting soon!

Sign up for the playtests on the WW2 Rebuilder steam page:

Everyone who signs up will be able to play an early version of the unique simulator game in which the player’s task is to rebuild cities destroyed during the Second World War.

Your vote counts! After completing the game, fill the feedback form, so your opinion could be taken into account by the game’s developers, who will use them to further improve WW2 Rebuilder.

In WW2 Rebuilder you will witness the destruction brought to the European cities by the biggest military conflict in human history. Your mission is to clean up the ruins of the once-great metropolises and then – repair and rebuild everything that residents may need to start over.

In this first-person simulation game you will be able to use construction tools and heavy machinery yourself. Destroy things with a wrecking ball, dig out the wrecks and cut them with a blowtorch, choose what new objects you want to build, and build them with resources collected in ruins. And if you are perceptive and inquisitive enough, you may find the mementos and echoes of the past, revealing events that took place during the war.

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