Pixels & Ink: Episode #266 – Full Screen Madness

Pixels & Ink: Episode #266 -  Full Screen Madness 3

This week was a very busy week for announcements, and our team didn’t waste anytime dishing out their takes.

First up, was Nintendo Direct. Nintendo, still having a great year for Switch releases, announced Wolfenstein: The New Colossus and Doom would be available for this console in 2018. Quinn and Brendan talk about what this platform can do for games like these, and what it might mean for the future.

Not to be shown up by Nintendo, Apple held their Keynote event on Tuesday *applause*. Quinn, Brendan, and Lisa discuss the just announced Apple TV *applause*, iPhone 8*applause*, and the full-screen glory of the iPhone 10  *applause*.

In movie news, the team talks about the newly-confirmed director for Star Wars Episode IX, JJ Abrams, and about the details that surround his involvement with the project.

Finally, Quinn talks about his time with Destiny 2, Lisa gets some strategy XCOM 2 tips from Brendan and Quinn, and Brendan has a Need for Speed.

Don’t forget to tune in every Friday the Pixels & Ink Podcast to hear the latest news, previews, and in-depth game discussions!

Want to read more about the topics we talked about today? Check out our coverage of the Nintendo Direct press conference, the Fall Apple Keynote, Bryan Calhoun’s review of Destiny 2, Elias Blondeau’s preview of Need for Speed: Payback, and Reid McCarter’s review of XCOM 2.

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