Pathfinder: Nightmare Lake – These Warriors Are Terrible

Pathfinder: Nightmare Lake - These Warriors Are Terrible

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Campaign Description: At long last The Terrible Warriors take on the beloved Pathfinder RPG. Taking on the role of a group of mercenaries (mostly chaotic alignment) Tom, Derek, Conal, Mike and Justin swagger into Freeport only to find a mysterious Dark Force that is the stuff from Nightmares. From there it degrades quite quickly into the kind of classic pen and paper insanity that one would expect from a group of “heroes”.

Also, are there any settings or RPG systems you’d like the Terrible Warriors to visit? Do you have your own shameful, awesome or just plain silly RPG adventures? Tell us with a comment below or e-mail us at [email protected]. With your permission we’ll share these stories and play your suggested settings for upcoming games for the Terrible Warriors.

GM: Mike Dodd
Players: Big Mike, Tom White, Justin Ecock, Derek Burrow, Conal MacBeth

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