Daredevil #1 Review

Daredevil #1 Review 3
Daredevil #1 Review
Daredevil #1
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The last time I read Daredevil, it was the end of Shadowland, and at the time I swore off returning to a Daredevil comic.But then Mark Waid/Marcos Martin were announced as the new creative team, and I just couldn’t stay away.I haven’t read Daredevil: Reborn, but this issue easily functions as an introduction to the new status quo for Matt Murdock post-Shadowland.

It’s a bit hard to believe that things are going back to “normal” so easily, but there’s a free and easy charm to this issue that is infectious, as Daredevil stops the Spot from completing a kidnapping, and finds his worklife as Matt Murdock facing a whole new obstacle.

Paolo Rivera supplies the art for the main story, and does a fantastic job at illustrating this new slant on Daredevil, far brighter and less dark and gloomy than the book has been for the last decade.

Marcos Martin illustrates the back-up story, and is nothing short of brilliant.His artistic style is so simple yet complex and stylistic, and is the mark of a true storyteller.

Waid’s script doesn’t dwell on the past, but instead jumps proudly and fearlessly into the future, and it is that sense of fun and adventure which charms the reader, and ropes them into the adventures of Daredevil. Highly Recommended!

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