The Walking Dead #83 Review

The Walking Dead #83 Review 3
The Walking Dead #83 Review
The Walking Dead #83

The time for heroism has past. Their once lauded haven is overwhelmed with walkers. With some survivors spurning to give ground, others take the opportunity of abandonment. What social structure ever had binds, are all but broken and the emphasis is now on self-preservation or self-oblation. Rick Grimes has always been perspicuous in that him and his child are all that is consequential to him. In this issue his actions substantiate his emotional attachment to the community. Unfortunately, no soul is sheltered from irony’s despairing disposition.

There is no deficit of conflict or anxiety in this month’s issue. The emotional tumult of the characters comes across on every page. Kirkman’s dialogue is channeled and pragmatic. Together with Adlard, they relate an instability from every page; it puts you in jeopardy of the same psychological turmoil that is inflicted on the tormented characters.

The Walking Dead is one of those comics that I cannot wait for the next installment; the suspense I endure from reading this series is agonizing. The current issue’s cliffhanger only makes my penance worse. I cope each day with faith, that the brave will persevere in their despondent realm. During those darkest times, I can only hope for the salvation of the preceding month.


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