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X-Factor #222
| July 28, 2011

If there was ever a model of consistency in the X-universe these days, it would be Peter David’s X-Factor.The book is consistently enjoyable, month in and month out, no matter what the team might face.

That’s especially true with the current arc, as we now have the team under siege by mystical forces drawn to Wolfsbane’s not-yet-born child.Amidst all the craziness, David scripts some great characterization for the entire team, regardless of how much actual screen time they might get in the issue.The issue has a good sense of pacing, as we near the end of this storyline, and everything starts to come to a head.The cliffhanger is enjoyable, but might go right over the head of some newer readers who aren’t aware of who this character actually is.

The artwork by Lupacchino is enjoyable, and manages to keep the book’s artistic style consistent with the work of prior artists on this book.

An enjoyable read, as always, and the characters continue to evolve in intriguing new ways.

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