Batman Beyond #3 Review

Batman Beyond #3 Review 3
| Mar 5, 2011

The collaborative initiative with the Justice League recommences, as the Gotham City Mall habitue remain hostages. The League with their usual orchestration, gets them an adequate spanking from Matter Master. It is up to Batman to strategize and, using Green Lantern, contain Matter Master, preliminary to his anticipated overload and nuclear melt-down.

The Justice League commends Batman and his accomplishment, and once again tenders him placement within their company. As much as Bruce warns Terry against it, this time, he accepts the summons.

I would have been partial to Terry abstaining from the proposition. Batman never was a sanctioned member of the League, and I do not feel he should be. Batman is a dark knight that does not need high-five, team-building merriment. Nothing should come between or distract from his personal crusade. Unfortunately, Terry does not share the same emotional torments as Bruce.


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