Autonomous ErgoChair 2 Chair Review

Series: The Best Gaming and Office Chairs for Women- Autonomous ErgoChair 2 2
Series: The Best Gaming and Office Chairs for Women- Autonomous ErgoChair 2
Autonomous ErgoChair 2
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For women with smaller frames, the Autonomous ErgoChair 2 delivers at home, and in the office.

The desire for a solid gaming or office chair has always existed, but the demand for the perfect selection certainly skyrocketed as many of us were relegated to working from home. Spending hours working, gaming, and even socializing at our desks, it’s more and more imperative that our chairs are comfortable for our bodies. This week we are testing out the Autonomous ErgoChair 2, seeing how it stacks up, and if it is worth the price of admission.

For many women, the selection of gaming and office chairs often leaves them trying to decipher if they’ll fit into the same chair is those with completely different dimensions, so this series will set out to test the best gaming and office chairs for the average woman’s body type. Of course, not all women are built the same, but there are certain considerations many women have to make like, hip size and height, so this series will test the chairs with all that in mind.

For reference, the tester is about 5”4, 140lbs, wears a 28 waist, and is about average in every dimension. Hopefully, that provides a suitable avatar to contextualize chair dimensions so you can find the best chair for you. Today’s test subject: The Autonomous ErgoChair 2

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The ErgoChair 2 stands out for its ratio of price to adjustability. It comes stock with adjustable lumbar support and an adjustable headrest, as well as features like an adjustable seat base, height, and armrests. Many of these options are things that only show up in luxury chairs, but this one has a reasonable price point (about $400) with all of that built in.

When doing research for this project, the ErgoChair 2 showed up a lot as an option to suit many body types, and it’s no surprise why. Not only is there the adjustability mentioned above, the flat and cushioned seat base will work for lots of different sized bottoms. It’s low profile and will get lower than other chairs tested for this series, so shorter people won’t have to go hunting for footrests.

The only obvious downside is that the seat base isn’t very deep when paired with the lumbar support (which is a very excellent and adjustable lumbar support that can be tilted and turned up or down) can push the user a bit far forward. This is perfect for shorter people so the seat doesn’t come up too close to their knees, but might be limiting for some larger people.

Series: The Best Gaming And Office Chairs For Women- Autonomous Ergochair 2
Autonomous ErgoChair 2

The chair is mesh with a soft weave fabric seat base, so those worried about the heat carried with leather/ pleather seats will be comfortable. It comes in various colourways including black, red, green, and blue, which is nice if you’re coordinating your new WFH office space. (A specific warning, the fabric grabs and holds onto pet hair, which might matter for those that WFH with pets around).

This very adjustable seat is excellent for people of varying heights and widths. The lumbar not being adjusted on a vertical plane can be a bit uncomfortable for some users and could push them too far forward to enjoy the neck rest. But the flat seat base and other points of ergonomic adjustment make it a great option.

If you you want to give the Autonomous ErgoChair 2 a shot, you can buy it here, and if you use promo code 27CGMAGAZINE you can save 8% of the purchase price.

Final Thoughts

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