AVerMedia SonicWave 7.1 GH337 Review

AVerMedia SonicWave 7.1 GH337 Review 2
AVerMedia SonicWave 7.1 GH337
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With the sheer volume of headsets at different price points and features, it can be very intimidating for new PC players to pick out a quality headset. That being said, players in need of a solid introductory headset should look no further than the AVermedia Sonicwave 7.1 GH337 Headset.

Take Overwatch, for example, you are surrounded by enemies, their Pharah and Mercy combo is nowhere to be seen, there are too many dead snipers and squishies on your team. The only thing you hear as a player is the sound of a distant Lucio dancing on the objective.

However, as quickly as you flank them, you hear a warning nearby — “it’s High Noon”. You press the shift key, just escaping in the nick of time, and begin a new hunt as your teammates finally recover and decide to go with a less squishy composition. That’s the power of 7.1 surround sound in modern gaming.

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AVerMedia SonicWave 7.1 – Review Images Provided by AVerMedia

The AVerMedia Sonicwave 7.1 GH337 USB headset is equipped with breathable ear pads, a braided cable, a noise cancelling microphone, and 50mm Neodymium drivers.

Once players put the headset on, they will notice that it is lightweight and has a headband cushion for comfort. The replacement ear pads that come with the set only adds to ensure optimal comfort while gaming.

The headset also has a controller attached to its cable. This lets the user adjust the volume and have control over their microphone. When the user presses the button to turn on the microphone, a red LED flashes alive, indicating that the user is now ready to communicate with their teammates. This can be useful when the user is in a location with low lighting or if they like the indication that their microphone is turned on or off.

More on the microphone itself, it also adjustable by moving it upwards and downwards, and can slide back if voice chat isn’t needed. It is a bulky and not very flexible, however, since users can’t adjust to be closer or farther away from their voice. When making commands and issuing strategies depending on the team composition and map, the microphone falls a bit short. However, adjusting volume and sensitivity settings in Discord, for example, can help on this front.

As for the 7.1 audio, it sounds crisp and clear, which is advantageous for players who want to know if their enemies are close by. This coupled with the brand’s Sound Engine, allows for treble and bass enhancers, as well as the removal of ambient noise. While the SonicWave 7.1 GH337 has virtual surround sound, it should be noted that it is available for Windows PC only.

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AVerMedia SonicWave 7.1 – Review Images Provided by AVerMedia

The user can get this customization software for their headphones by downloading an installation file online. They must then plug the headset into their PC, install the Sound Engine, and reset their PC when prompted to do so. The headset is still versatile in terms of connectivity, as the user can connect it to either their Mac or PS4.

For its average price of around $100 CAD, AVerMedia’s SonicWave 7.1 GH337 headset has is comfortable, aesthetically pleasing with its LEDs, and gets the job done well when it comes to sound quality. It’s a good introductory level headset that gives players an enjoyable experience especially when playing a PC game like Overwatch.

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