NZXT Lift Mouse Review

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NZXT is known for their PC components, cases, and coolers, and is well-loved for it. The brand has made a name for themselves with their clean, iconic look and feel of all their offerings, with the white and purple signature colours that have become synonymous with the brand. Now, with their new Function Keyboard and the subject of this review, the Lift Mouse, things are about to get a lot more interesting.

As the name suggests, the NZXT Lift mouse is made as a lightweight gaming mouse, that balances both features and price. Costing $49.99, the lift mouse is one of the more cost-conscious offerings for gaming mice, but it still packs all the features gamers demand from their peripherals.

Unboxing the NZXT Lift mouse, you will find a rather bare bones offering, with the box containing the mouse itself along with the documentation to get things started. While not the most exciting unboxing experience, NZXT delivered what matters, and I would much rather have a mouse that works, than a box filled with extras only to have a sub-par user experience.

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For the review, we got a clean white mouse, with a black accent. Although, much like the Function keyboard, users can go onto the NZXT site when ordering and customize the mouse as needed. You can get the mouse in white or black with the option to pick a different base colour, including yellow, cyan, violet, red, and blue accent choices based on what best suits your personality.

“The lightweight, well-built NZXT Lift mouse is a great offering in an already fantastic range of products. “

When you finally get your hands on the mouse, it is astounding just how light the Lift actually is. NZXT has managed to deliver a mouse that only weighs 67 grams, making it one of the lighter mice I have ever used, second only to the Logitech Superlight Wireless.

Unlike the Superlight, the NZXT Lift mouse is a wired affair with a well-constructed paracord cable that feels very well crafted to last. I found the cable worked well, and never got in the way while in use. It is also just a very sharp looking package, especially in white with a black accent, so I am more than happy to show it off on my desk.

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One thing I was not happy with, however, was how easy the white variant of the NZXT Lift mouse collected dirt. Over the two weeks I have used the mouse, it has managed to collect a fair amount of dirt and grime from my hands, so much so I have had to clean the mouse several times just to keep it looking clean. While it is hard to keep white devices clean, especially when they are in constant contact with your hands, it is something to take note of when purchasing.

Under the hood, the NZXT Lift mouse features Omron mechanical switches, so the buttons feel very responsive and tactile to use. It is the right level of feedback that is needed in a gaming mouse, and NZXT nailed it with this offering. Even the sensor is what you would expect from the brand. Boasting a PixArt 3389, you should have no problems with the NZXT Lift mouse in work or gaming, as it delivers a very precise and fluid mouse experience.

Nzxt Lift Mouse Review

As this is an NZXT offering, the CAM software is your ticket to customize the Lift mouse to your heart’s content. From the RGB lighting to the macros and buttons, I found the process painless and easy to execute. NZXT put time into the software, and it shows. It was an overall painless process and paired with other NZXT gear it is a great central location to ensure everything syncs up just right.

After everything was set up, it was time to jump into some gaming, and thankfully, NZXT did not disappoint where it counts. Jumping into some classic Quake Arena, and the NZXT Lift mouse worked as advertised, giving enough sensitivity to excel and enough feedback to ensure you don’t miss a shot due to poor construction or bad switches. Jumping to games like Call of Duty Warzone, Fortnite and Battlefield, I was quickly made a believer in what the Lift mouse offered for a gamer. It is a smooth, precise mouse that looks and feels great. What more can you ask for?

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NZXT has been on a winning streak, and thankfully, they did not fumble with this device, making a solid peripheral for anyone that follows the brand. The lightweight, well-built NZXT Lift mouse is a great offering in an already fantastic range of products. It offers a solid performance device at a price that feels very fair for the value it brings. While the Lift mouse is a very safe offering from the brand, it is an amazing first step that shows the potential of what NZXT can bring to the world of gaming. I can’t wait to see what they do next, but for now, I am excited to jump into another game of Fortnite and enjoy all the Lift mouse has to offer.

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