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Deathloop Pushed Back to September 14

Deathloop Pushed Back to September 14

 |  Chris De Hoog
Arkane Studios’ stylish new assassin game, Deathloop, has been postponed from its intended May release date, and will now launch in the fall.
Dishonored: Death of the Outsider (PS4) Review - Murderous Playgrounds

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider (PS4) Review – Murderous Playgrounds

 |  Joel Couture
Dishonored: Death of the Outsider offers players some delightful playgrounds to ply their stealthy abilities—or simply use brute-force. Beautiful cities, banks filled with clockwork machines, and underground boxing arenas offer multiple routes for completion, allowing players to decide how to best deal with interference. Even better though is seeing these places come alive and gain […]
Arkane Studio Head Steps Down

Arkane Studios Head Steps Down

 |  Cody Orme
Following the release of the highly anticipated Prey, Arkane Studios head Raphael Colantonio is stepping down from the company.
Prey Review - Stealing Genius

Prey Review – Stealing Genius

 |  Bella Lara Blondeau
“Talent borrows, genius steals.” That old axiom, most often attributed to Oscar Wilde, holds true in today’s AAA gaming space.
Dishonored 2 (PS4) Review 1

Dishonored 2 (PS4) Review

 |  Cole Watson
When a dark but forgotten secret re-emerges to claim the Kaldwin throne, players must reprise their role as a mystic imbued assassin in Dishonored 2. Sequel to one of the best first-person action titles of the last generation, Dishonored 2 builds off the powerful gameplay of the original game in a number of new ways […]
More Details on "Dishonored 2" Revealed 2

More Details on “Dishonored 2” Revealed

 |  Bella Lara Blondeau
Set fifteen years after the first game, Dishonored 2 is confirmed to include Emily Kaldwin as the second playable character. Arkane Studios’ sequel will give players the choice of playing as the previous game’s protagonist, Corvo, or Emily. From the beginning of the game, both protagonists are forced to flee their home of Dunwall and travel to […]
"Prey" To Be Rebooted 1

“Prey” To Be Rebooted

 |  Bella Lara Blondeau
After several cancellations, reboots, and false starts, it appears that Prey 2 has been officially halted. Arkane Studios, developer of the hit Dishonored, is now working on a reboot of franchise simply titled Prey. The cinematic reveal showed off a new protagonist, as well as an even more far-flung future setting for the franchise. There appears to be a […]
Dishonored 2 Release Date Officially Announced

Dishonored 2 Release Date Officially Announced

 |  Cole Watson
Bethesda has officially announced that the next chapter Arkane Studios’ stealth-action series, Dishonored 2, will be coming worldwide to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on November 11.
Prey 2 Documents Leak - 2014-06-02 10:15:29

Prey 2 Documents Leak

 |  Tyler Reynolds
Two powerpoint presentations for Prey 2 have leaked onto the internet. The first has four possible storylines that the team is deciding between, and examples of cliches that they want to avoid. The second shows that Arkane Studios mentioning that it’s a spiritual successor to System Shock 2 and outlines how the game can be […]
Dishonored (Xbox 360) Review 1

Dishonored (Xbox 360) Review

 |  CGMagazine
A good game will carry the player through a story, presenting moments of enjoyment and leaving behind a fun experience. A great game will present you with a story that not only is engaging but changes the way you want to interact with the game world. Dishonored from Arkane Studios is a great game, and […]

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