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Pixels & Ink 192 - Deadpool and Witches

Pixels & Ink 192 – Deadpool and Witches

Jordan, Melanie and Phil are joined by Brendan Quinn. They discuss the effect Deadpool’s  success is having on the superhero movie world,  The Witch and

Tropes vs Deadpool 1

Tropes vs Deadpool

The Deadpool movie was certain to be one of two things: very very good, or very, very bad. Fortunately, it was the former, and profitable

Pixels & Ink 191 - Deadpool Day

Pixels & Ink 191 – Deadpool Day

It’s Deadpool day! Phil tells Melanie, Jordan and Cody about Deadpool and Nina Forever. Cody feels uncomfortable playing Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel and Jordan

Deadpool (Movie) Review 3

Deadpool (Movie) Review

It’s been a long, long journey for Deadpool to make it to the big screen. The character came out of the absurd excesses of 90s

Comic Spotlight: All-New Deadpool - 2015-12-22 17:56:10

Comic Spotlight: All-New Deadpool

Deadpool has been through a lot over the past year. He’s lost loved ones, died at one point, and is now working out his new

Deadpool Gets Trailer Trailer - 2015-08-03 13:42:41

Deadpool Gets Trailer Trailer

Well, even though Ryan Reynolds is the one donning the red and black suit, the Deadpool movie has looked nothing but good.

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