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Netflix Movie Review: Mute 1

Netflix Movie Review: Mute

For some reason, there seems to be an explosion of dystopian science fiction flicks these days. Well, it’s not for some reason. Dark and paranoid

The 5th Wave (Movie) Review 7

The 5th Wave (Movie) Review

Well…here we go again. Ever since The Hunger Games brought in buckets of dough, a new and increasingly tedious genre has emerged of YA dystopia

Mad Max: Fury Road (Movie) Review 6

Mad Max: Fury Road (Movie) Review

At the tender age of 70, writer/director George Miller should theoretically be curling up with a good book at resting on his laurels at this

Insurgent (Movie) Review 6

Insurgent (Movie) Review

Well, Divergent made a bunch of money so now we have Insurgent. That’s the reason that this sequel exists and it sure feels like it.

The Zero Theorem (Movie) Review 2

The Zero Theorem (Movie) Review

Terry Gilliam is quite possibly the most underrated filmmaker of his generation. After providing the animation and visual aesthetic for the Monty Python comedy troupe

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