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The Xbox Series X/S Exclusives That Make That Preorder Worth While 3

Fable Is Being Developed On The Forza Engine

 |  David Carcasole
Fable is being developed with ForzaTech, the same game engine used for Forza Horizon and Forza Motorsport.
Xbox Live Head Leaves Microsoft 1

Xbox Live Head Leaves Microsoft

 |  Clement Goh
Longtime Xbox Live executive Dan McCulloch stated he would be moving onto other career opportunities after 15 years of service. In a tweet, McCulloch teased he would be announcing his next job while thanking players, employees and other supporters from working at Microsoft. “I made so many friends, learned so much and truly had a […]
Dangerous Driving Review

Dangerous Driving Review

 |  Preston Dozsa
Dangerous Driving knows exactly what it is and what it wants to achieve. It’s an arcade-style racing game from some of the minds behind Burnout, where you can shunt opponents into walls, powerslide around corners at ridiculous speeds, and rarely let go of the boost. Dangerous Driving is, in many ways a game living in […]
Forza Horizon 4 (Xbox One) Review

Forza Horizon 4 (Xbox One) Review

 |  Mike Cosimano
I was about to graduate high school when the first Forza Horizon came out. I loved it, in part because any piece of media that helped me get another mouthwatering taste of my impending freedom obviously had a leg up.
Microsoft Outlines Details For Forza Horizon 4 At Xbox E3 2018 Press Conference

Microsoft Outlines Details for Forza Horizon 4 at Xbox E3 2018 Press Conference

 |  Bryan Calhoun
Given the amount of time and energy that Microsoft has put into the Forza franchise over the years, it is not surprising to find another Forza game at this year’s Xbox Press Conference; however, what was said during the announcement of Forza Horizon 4 was surprising.
Final Fantasy Xv'S Regalia Coming To Forza Horizon 3

Final Fantasy XV’s Regalia Coming to Forza Horizon 3

 |  Remington Joseph
Final Fantasy is coming to the world of Forza Horizon 3 with upcoming DLC.
Microsoft Announces Hot Wheels Expansion For Forza Horizon 3 1

Microsoft Announces Hot Wheels Expansion for Forza Horizon 3

 |  Tyler Jones
Forza Horizon 3 has received critical acclaim ever since it was released back in September of 2016. For the select few that have not enjoyed this open world racing game, maybe this latest update will be enough to convince.
First Fifteen: Forza Horizon 3

First 15: Forza Horizon 3

 |  Mike Cosimano
CGM Looks at the Forza Horizon 3 from Playground Games for the Xbox One. Read our review of Forza Horizon 3.
Forza Horizon 3 (Xbox One) Review 5

Forza Horizon 3 (Xbox One) Review

 |  Mike Cosimano
At first, the Forza Horizon series was exciting. Not just for its successful blend of arcade sensibilities with hardcore simulation, but also for its light-hearted tone, an upbeat distraction from gritty modern racing games. It picked up the ball dropped by the death of Burnout, offering an open-world racer with plenty to keep players occupied. […]
Pixels &Amp; Ink #217 - Self Promotions Much

Pixels & Ink #217 – Self Promotions Much

 |  Cody Orme
This week on the Pixels and Ink Poadcast brought to you by Comics Gaming Magazine, Melanie is away at Fan Expo so Cody, Shak, and Phil have taken over. They talk the latest Nintendo Direct, Don’t Breathe and Sully!

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