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Pokémon Go Focusing On Marill For Next Limited Research Event

Pokémon Go Focusing on Marill for Next Limited Research Event

 |  Steven Green
Pokémon Go is running a Luminous Legends X event for the month of May where Fairy-type Pokémon are in abundance.
Nintendo And Niantic Join Forces For New Pikmin App

Pikmin App By Nintendo and Niantic Coming Soon

 |  Dayna Eileen
Pikmin, probably one of the cutest games in Nintendo history, is getting its own AR mobile game from the makers of Pokémon Go, Niantic.
Niantic Hints At Smartglasses Technology

Niantic Hints At Smart Glasses Technology

 |  Chris De Hoog
Pokémon GO developer Niantic has been teasing the possibility of adding AR or VR to the game, possibly with its own brand of hardware.
Pokémon Go Offers Up Free Items As Part Of A Collaboration With Gucci And The North Face 4

Pokémon GO offers Up Free Items as Part of a Collaboration with Gucci and The North Face

 |  Khari Taylor
Canadian Pokemon GO players in Toronto and Vancouver can head to their nearest Gucci x The North Face pin to score free branded Merch for their avatar. Just don’t forget your mask or social distancing!
The Pokémon Company Sends Out Slew Of Announcements 1

The Pokémon Company Sends Out Slew of Announcements

 |  Zubi Khan
Last night, the Pokémon Company, along with Nintendo, held a special business-related conference regarding the beloved franchise, announcing several new games, mobile initiatives, among other plans for the future of Pokémon. The conference opened with the Pokémon Company acknowledging the success of the recently released, Detective Pikachu film, announcing that Toho, (of Godzilla fame) who […]
Pokemon Go Finally Rolls Out Trading With Friends 1

Pokemon GO Finally Rolls Out Trading with Friends

 |  Amy Chen
Pokemon GO finally gives trainers the update they have been waiting for, with trading now possible. Much like the traditional Nintendo Pokemon games, trainers can now connect with their friends and trade creatures on-the-go.
Pokemon Go Developers Niantic Labs Announce Harry Potter Ar Mobile Game

Pokemon Go Developers Niantic Labs Announce Harry Potter AR Mobile Game

 |  Remington Joseph
Niantic Labs has announced that a new Harry Potter mobile game is in development.
Pokémon Go Fest Saved Thanks To Early Release Of Legendary Pokémon 2

Pokémon Go Fest Saved Thanks To Early Release Of Legendary Pokémon

 |  Zubi Khan
The planned events during Pokémon Go Fest ended in failure ultimately resulting in Niantic releasing the Legendary Pokémon Lugia and Articuno, early.
Pokémon Go Introducing New Pokemon, And New Features 1

Pokémon Go Introducing New Pokemon, and New Features

 |  Brendan Frye
Niantic and The Pokémon Company announced updates to Pokémon Go that will add new Pokémon along with new features for players to explore.
Ingress: The Location Based Game That Silently Outlasted Pokémon Go

Ingress: The Location Game That Silently Outlasted Pokémon Go

 |  Bryan Calhoun
“Ingress isn’t unlike other mobile apps in the sense that there’s the ability for players in the game to buy in-app items,” explained Bill Kilday, VP of Marketing and Live Events at Niantic. I talked to Mr. Kilday when he came to Toronto to oversee an Ingress live event, or “Anomaly” in the game’s parlance.  While […]

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