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Krypton (Season 1) - image for this review courtesy of SyFy.

Krypton Season 1 Opener Review

Comic book adaptations, once an instant money-maker after the floodgates were opened, are now a risky venture. With so many rules and regulations controlling who

Channel Zero: Season 1 Ep 3 (TV) Review 5

Channel Zero: Ep 6 (TV) Review

Syfy’s Channel Zero has been a unique rollercoaster ride; there’s been ups and downs and even a stall or two on the tracks but it’s

Channel Zero Episode 1 (TV) Review

Channel Zero: Ep 5 (TV) Review

Why, Channel Zero? You were getting better and now you’re just crashing and burning. I’ve made comments about some of the awkward and convoluted writing

Channel Zero: Ep 4 (TV) Review 4

Channel Zero: Ep 4 (TV) Review

With only two episodes left in Syfy’s Channel Zero, things should be escalating and starting to wrap up right? Well, no, not really. Channel Zero

Channel Zero: Season 1 Ep 3 (TV) Review

Channel Zero: Season 1 Ep 3 (TV) Review

We’re now halfway through the six-episode first season of Syfy’s Channel Zero, and I must say that what started out as a dull, American Horror

Channel Zero Season 1 Ep 2 (TV) Review 1

Channel Zero Season 1 Ep 2 (TV) Review

While episode one of Channel Zero (Syfy’s new creepypasta anthology series) didn’t blow me away, episode two was at least a strong gust of wind.

Van Helsing Pilot (TV) Review 1

Van Helsing Pilot (TV) Review

The tale of Van Helsing is one that we’ve seen trotted out time and time again. Whether we’re talking about the mediocre Hugh Jackman vehicle,

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