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American Made (2017) -

American Made (2017)

For the last few years going to see a Tom Cruise action movie has been an absolute chore. Desperate to keep his star status alive

Edge Of Tomorrow Movie Review 3

Edge Of Tomorrow Movie Review

I’ve got to admit that I sat down in the theater to watch Edge Of Tomorrow with a sense of dread. The last two Tom

Oblivion (Movie) Review 2

Oblivion (Movie) Review

Good news first; the new Tom Cruise science fiction blockbuster Oblivion looks absolutely stunning. Shot on the latest HD wonder camera from Sony that can

Jack Reacher (Movie) Review 1

Jack Reacher (Movie) Review

There are bad movies that are just painful to watch and then there are movies so ludicrously misconceived that they become ironic spectacle. Jack Reacher

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