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Armikrog (PS4) Review 9

Armikrog (PS4) Review

Fans waited nearly 20 years for a follow-up to Neverhood, and for good reason. It pretty much had it all — a unique art style,

The Banner Saga (PS4) Review 6

The Banner Saga (PS4) Review

After a long, two-year wait, developer Stoic Studio and publisher Versus Evil’s The Banner Saga has completed its troubled passage from PC and Mobile to

Skyshine’s Bedlam (PC) Review 6

Skyshine’s Bedlam (PC) Review

Skyshine’s Bedlam has you managing a War Rig-like Dozer and its crew on a journey from the technological metropolis of Byzantine, across the wasteland of

Guild of Dungeoneering Preview 5

Guild of Dungeoneering Preview

Lately, dungeons have experienced something of a resurgence in popularity. To be sure, they never truly went out of style. The dungeon is a staple

The Banner Saga (PC) Review 4

The Banner Saga (PC) Review

The Banner Saga, like the ancient epics and legends it draws inspiration from, is about journeys. Just as Odysseus sailed home from the Trojan War,

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