tinyBuild Snags Versus Evil and Red Cerberus For A Cool $31.3 Million

tinyBuild Snags Versus Evil and Red Cerberus For A Cool $31.3 Million 1

tinyBuild joins the latest list of developers to increase their catalogue of talent, as they join forces with two studios under a cooperative arrangement.

In a move that makes a whole lot of sense, tinyBuild has poured funds into Versus Evil and its quality assurance studio, Red Cerberus which increases its manpower by 250 staff members and a whopping 32 titles to their catalogue. The Hello Neighbor publisher made this arrangement under a similar notion like Devolver Studios acquisitions earlier in the month, or PlayStation’s recent acquisition of BluePoint Studios.

The deal will initially cost tinyBuild $12.5 million but has incentives for the studios now under its umbrella to the tune of $18.8 million. Like the Devolver transaction, the studios Versus Evil and Red Cerberus will continue to run as an independent label but will enjoy support from the tinyBuild publisher.

The acquisition gives tinyBuild access to the IP’s that Versus Evil is known for publishing, such as The Banner Saga, and Pillars of Eternity giving maximum depth to the publisher on the solidly grounded RPG front Versus Evil touts itself on. tinyBuild CEO, Alex Nichiporchik broke the news in a long-winded video earlier this morning:

YouTube video

Nichiporchik explains the nature of the relationship between the joining of the two publishers, which sounds incredibly friendly and cooperative on both sides. “we have a great presence in Eastern Europe,” Nichiporchik says, including the deal will “expand our reach in terms of genres,” and finally, the deal “gives us a strategic entry into the marketplace,” with regard to Brazil.

Founder of Versus Evil, Steve Escalante says “I’m extremely excited to become a part of the tinyBuild family and Im looking forward to growing this amazing business,” adding “Versus Evil was founded on the idea that we could bring professional-level services and marketing to independent developers so they could focus on what they do best, make great games.”

This exciting move allows for higher quality content to come out of the publishers involved, and ultimately should benefit the fans. To stay up to date on this exciting news, fans can follow tinyBuild on Twitter to stay in the loop for all of their updates as they come along.

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