Bluepoint Games Acquired by PlayStation in Big Move

Bluepoint Games Acquired by Sony Interactive in Big Move

Bluepoint Games, an Austin-based studio known for savvy remasters, has joined forces with Playstation studios in a blockbuster move.

As a studio known for a quality first viewpoint, Bluepoint Games joining the Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) brand seems like an absolute no-brainer.

With each of its projects raising the standard of what is acceptable in remastering games, Bluepoint aims to set the bar even higher in this team-up with SIE. As a key developer in the Demon Souls remake of November 2020, an exclusive launch title for the PS5, PlayStation studios have apparently seen enough from the studio to make their relationship exclusive after it has spanned 15-years.

Bluepoint Games Acquired By Playstation In Big Move
Demon Souls Remake

Other notable mentions of Bluepoint’s staggering portfolio are the high-quality remakes and remasters of beloved titles such as Uncharted: The Nathan Drake CollectionShadow of the Colossus, and Gravity Rush. The blessing of Sony to allow Bluepoint Games to handle such properties shows how the labels have flourished in cooperation.

Bluepoint Games Acquired By Playstation In Big Move
Shadow of the Colossus Remaster

President & CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan said “Bluepoint Games has been an incredible partner to work with over the years, and the craftsmanship they’ve demonstrated on past projects is impeccable,” including “The addition of Bluepoint to PlayStation Studios further demonstrates our continued focus on investing in and fostering creative teams we’re confident will deliver world-class gaming experiences for our fans,” specifically honing in on what the aim of the relationship is, quality for fans.

SIE’s dynamic portfolio of PlayStation studios includes other big names with Insomniac Games, and Naughty Dog making the acquisition of Bluepoint games the 16th in their world-class studio group. Sony executives couldn’t be more pleased with the Head of PlayStation Studios, Helmen Hurst stating “Bluepoint’s roster of critically-acclaimed PlayStation remakes and remasters is unmatched and with each of its projects the team has surpassed the high-quality standards we look for at PlayStation Studios,” touting the acquisition.

Hurst also said “They have the expertise in developing for our hardware, possess the technical savvy to create showcases for our platform, and understand the artistry of beautiful environments and compelling characters. The creative ambition and skillset within the talented team at Bluepoint will breathe new life into upcoming projects and I couldn’t be happier to officially welcome them into PlayStation Studios,” in high praise for Bluepoint.

Both sides seem to agree the move is beneficial, with the President of Bluepoint Games, Marco Thrush, stating “…We share the same values, and we’re equally committed to creating great new games. Joining PlayStation Studios will empower our team of highly talented and passionate creators to take the quality bar even higher and undertake more ambitious projects while retaining our company culture and identity.”

Although Bluepoint Games is now under the SIE brand, the day-to-day operations will continue to be run on the Bluepoint side of things moving forward. For more information on Bluepoint, fans can visit their website.

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