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Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition Set To Release March 4

Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition set to release March 4

 |  Dayna Eileen
Cold Symmetry took to the internet today to announce the March 4th release date for Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition.
Demon’s Souls Ps5 Review

Demon’s Souls PS5 Review

 |  Brendan Quinn
Demon’s Souls is the second-best launch title of all time, and easily the best Sony launch title ever.
Demon’s Souls Online Services Shutting Down This Week

Demon’s Souls Online Services Shutting Down This Week

 |  Nathan Shubert
From Software announced that this will be the last week that players can enjoy the online servers for Demon’s Souls.
A Demon'S Souls Remaster Is Possible 1

A Demon’s Souls Remaster Is Possible

 |  Cole Watson
A Demon’s Souls remaster is completely possible, but the games original developer, FromSoftware, will not be a part of it’s development.
Prepare To Die: A Brief History Of The Souls Series 6

Prepare To Die: A Brief History Of The Souls Series

 |  Aleksander Gilyadov
Ever since Demon’s Souls took the world by storm back in 2009, the Souls series has quickly become one of the most beloved (and excruciatingly difficult) videogame franchises in modern gaming. Though this might sound a bit ludicrous now, very few people actually paid attention to Demon’s Souls as it was releasing. Its commercial and […]
Salt And Sanctuary (Ps4) Review

Salt and Sanctuary (PS4) Review

 |  Brendan Quinn
Prior to playing Salt and Sanctuary, I read up on the game and got impressions from other reviewers. One comment in particular from Jeffrey Matulef over at Eurogamer really struck me.
The Divide Between Eastern &Amp; Western Game Philosophy 6

The Divide Between Eastern & Western Game Philosophy

 |  Wayne Santos
Recently I was talking to a producer working at one of the big, AAA publishers and naturally the topic wandered over to the territory of games. He was discussing his feelings on inFamous versus Prototype and that he in some ways he preferred Prototype because it made you feel more “bad ass.” His comment struck […]
From Software’s Unique Approach To Storytelling 2

From Software’s Unique Approach to Storytelling

 |  Reid McCarter
Even though I’ve finished the game, I probably couldn’t provide a very good summary of Bloodborne’s plot. This isn’t because its narrative was poorly told. Instead, like its developer From Software’s previous titles, it’s the lack of direct exposition that makes it tough to sum up the game’s story. Bloodborne is a game that demands […]
Project Beast And The Future Of The Souls Series 2

Project Beast and the Future of the Souls Series

 |  Reid McCarter
There aren’t very many videogames that can incite torrents of excited internet chatter from a handful of blurry screenshots, but From Software’s Souls series has always been pretty special. Since 2009’s Demon’s Souls gained recognition on the strength of its complex world and unforgiving gameplay, players have obsessed over the minutiae of each entry to […]
Dark Souls Ii (Pc) Review 3

Dark Souls II (PC) Review

 |  Alexander Leach
Just when I thought I was done with Dark Souls for a while, it pulls me back in. My first PS3 playthrough was characterized by fighting my way through waves of enemies, making my way down long, thematic corridors towards clear climactic boss moments, only to find out that another enemy lay waiting. I enjoyed […]

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