Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition set to release March 4

Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition set to release March 4 1

Cold Symmetry took to the internet today to announce the March 4th release date for Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition. The original action role-playing game was released last August, and the developers have already been hard at work with a complete update for the next-gen systems. Players of the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S can look forward to a crisp new version of the game very soon.

Mortal Shell was originally known as Dungeonhaven at the infancy of development, and it was created by a team of only 15 veteran developers. The first release of the game was met with excellent reviews from reputable sites like IGN, Polygon and Gamespot. Even CGMagazine editor Brendan Quinn awarded the game an 8/10, describing the game as a “small-scope Soulslike that serves as a tight, lean, but short experience”. So It makes sense for developer Cold Symmetry to boost the game’s quality in order to allow the new generation of players an upgraded experience.

The enhanced game will definitely meet the needs of next-gen console owners. The graphics for Mortal Shell have been upgraded to a 4k resolution, with enhanced textures and 60FPS, making a not-so-old game seem brand new again. PS5 players will have a unique experience with whispering audio coming from the PlayStation 5 controller speaker as well as controller vibrations mimicking a heartbeat when you approach a shell. This will be the second update to the game after Rotting Autumn was released in October of last year, bringing new skins, quests and more.

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Good news for players who already own the game on last-gen systems, they will receive the game for free on PS4 or Xbox One. The game will be available for $29.99 when it launches, with the option of a deluxe set that includes a 140-page art book, reversible cover and postcards, running you $39.99. Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition is set to release on March 4, 2021 for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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