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Dark Souls Remastered (Switch) Review

Dark Souls Remastered (Switch) Review

Dark Souls: Remastered for the Nintendo Switch made me look forward to a twenty-hour trip. Had me bummed out when my plane was landing. It

Death’s Gambit (PS4) Review

Death’s Gambit (PS4) Review

It’s a great time to be a fan of games inspired by titles like Dark Souls, Super Metroid, and Castlevania. 2D Metroidvaniasouls we’ll say—a nice

Haunting VR Visions With From Software

The Haunting VR Visions of FromSoftware

Founded in 1986, FromSoftware has crafted some truly iconic experiences. From Armored Core to the Souls series, there is no denying the impact From has

Dark Souls is Coming to the Switch 1

Dark Souls is Coming to the Switch

Ready your estus flasks because Dark Souls is on the way to make its debut on the Nintendo Switch and other various consoles.

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