Dark Souls Remastered is BacK After 9 Months Offline

dark souls remastered has been finally restored after 9 months offline 757715

Fans looking to adventure through Lordran again, or visit for the first time are in luck, Dark Souls Remastered as well as the other titles in the trilogy are online once more.

Humanity has finally been restored, and for fans looking for a way to scratch that masochistic game difficulty itch, Dark Souls Remastered has risen again. Considering the FromSoftware trilogy was taken offline in January due to reports of critical security flaws involving the PvP system. The tweet announcing this issue back in January can be seen below.

This issue has seemingly been resolved, with the FromSoftware Twitter posting today that the issue has been resolved, just in time for the 11th anniversary of the storied franchise.

Dark Souls Remastered Has Been Finally Restored After 9 Months Offline 892149

The timeline is as follows:

  • August 25Dark Souls 3 online services are fully restored, PvP, co-op boss fights, and message capabilities. Whether or not those messages are helpful or basic trolling are up to the player.
  • October 25Dark Souls 2 online service are also fully restored, again, content left behind by other players can either be helpful or can make players setback, such as infamous ‘try jumping’ messages near a cliffside.
  • Today, Dark Souls Remastered joins the fold, completing the trilogy, and allowing players to return to Lordran with full online capabilities.

For a franchise that has such a dedicated fanbase as the Souls’ series of games, it’s baffling that they’ve remained offline for such a long period of time. This may have correlation to Elden Ring‘s massive release that saw millions of players in the first few months, and balancing changes that hit the game as well.

All in all, fans of the original titles on PC have nothing left to fear, except the endless wave of difficulty the trilogy gives. Fans looking to stay in the loop with all things Souls, can follow their Twitter to Praise the Sun.

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