A Modder Added Multiplayer into Sekiro for Double Trouble

A Modder Added Multiplayer into Sekiro for Double Trouble 1

Award-winning action game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has given players a single challenge since it came out in 2019. Its formula from Dark Souls devs FromSoftware shines as players take on hordes of powerful enemies for hours. Its trial-and-error strategies are also a mechanic for tough combat while each enemy is unique with their own strengths.

Imagine experience this with a friend, who can be an asset or a headache through the power of PC mods. Created by developer Luke Yuio for Nexus Mods, Sekiro Online is an unofficial add-on which lets other players join in on their friend’s games as an enemy or fellow swordsman.

Being an enemy lets visitors drop in any time they want in the game while main players navigate through the campaign. Attack powers are also adjusted to prevent visitors from becoming too overpowered while they can respawn as a new spirit of vengeance after death. For players, it almost resembles the Resident Evil: Resistance game mode or drop-in multiplayer features that come in other games.

A Modder Added Multiplayer Into Sekiro For Double Trouble 2
Sekiro Online – Image Provided by Luke Yui on NexusMods

“As the title suggests, this mod adds both PvP and co-operative play to the game – I’ve tried to make it as familiar as I can to Souls games’ online mode, but as I’m not a professional game development company, it’s not going to be exactly the same,” wrote Yuio on the mod’s download page.

Interestingly, players can also visit their friends as spirits to help out in Sekiro‘s trickier boss fights. The spirits handle the same as players with their own standard abilities and enhancers. It also turns the game into a cooperative PvE (Player v. Environment) experience which sees two ninjas taking on AI hordes with loud entrances or stealthy distractions.

Of course, the mod can be added onto Sekiro‘s PC version while players would need to start a new game. Once there, characters will spawn with new items to use in summoning players. Matchmaking is also available once the player uses one of four items to join each game mode (PvP, Co-op, Invasions).

It’s also worth noting that Sekiro Online also supports up to six total players, with one human character and five phantoms being able to break the game’s difficulty. You also won’t be able to pause the game under an online setting while it runs on a P2P connection between players.

YouTube video

You can see more of this mod and the results from Luke Yui’s own video above. You can also access the Mod with instructions here.

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