Demon’s Souls Leak Suggests Remake May Come to PS4

Demon's Souls Leak Suggests Remake May Come to PS4

A database leak indicates a PS4 listing for Demon’s Souls is active, suggesting a possibility the game could move from PS5 to last-gen.

Demon’s Souls was the very first PS5 exclusive, and over six months after launch it remains one of the only ones. According to a report from PlayStation Game Size, a PS4 file for Demon’s Souls was recently listed on the PlayStation Store, but it may not necessarily guarantee it’s going to happen. As PlayStation Game Size notes it could simply be a “small test version for developers,” or could end up being cancelled.

Demon’s Souls was developed by Bluepoint Games, a studio now renowned for bringing gorgeous remakes of classic games. Before the PS5 version of Demon’s Souls the studio previously developed the Shadow of the Colossus remake, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, and Gravity Rush Remastered.

There is a precedent for PS5 games coming to PS4, however, as many of the upcoming exclusives are planned for both consoles. Spider-Man: Miles Morales launches on both systems simultaneously, and Horizon: Forbidden West is getting a PS4 version when it launches as well. Even more surprising, Sony recently announced that God of War: Ragnarok, which hasn’t been shown in any capacity, will also come to both PS4 and PS5. With huge stock issues still looming above the new console, it’s clear Sony wants to keep supporting players that can’t make the leap from last-gen. Demon’s Souls is definitely graphically impressive, but a downscaled version could easily work on PS4, especially considering it’s a remake of a 2009 game.

PlayStation made the decision to skip E3 2021, but there’s been speculation that the company has a new State of Play in the works. Considering the publisher didn’t show anything off at E3, a new State of Play would be just the place to announce a PS4 version of Demon’s Souls, if it’s in the works.

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