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Warface Breakout Revealed, Surprise Launches Today 3

Warface Breakout Revealed, Surprise Launches Today

 |  Clement Goh
Free-to-play FPS Warface has a new spin-off game titled Warface Breakout which is available to download starting today. Labeled as a premium version of the shooter, Breakout offers a new set of game modes seen in others such as Counter-Strike: Source and Rainbow Six: Siege, including search-and-destroy and the traditional multiplayer deathmatch. Produced by MY.GAMES […]
Warface Ps4 Hands-On Preview 1

Warface PS4 Hands-On Preview

 |  Brendan Frye
Built by Crytek and launching back in 2013, Warface has managed to secure a solid following on PC. The military class-based shooter has managed to gain around 40 million registered users and has maintained solid numbers since launch.
My.com To Publish Warface Starting Feb. 2017

New Publisher for Warface as Crytek Focuses on Developemnt

 |  Ana Valens
Crytek’s online multiplayer FPS Warface is about to get a brand new publisher.
Next-Gen Could Mean Lots Of Free-To-Play Games For Sony 1

Next-Gen Could Mean Lots of Free-To-Play Games For Sony

 |  James Griffin
Free-to-play titles could become a big focus for Sony in the coming generation. In a recent interview at a media event,¬†Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House says “We may well see free-to-play games on console be a much bigger factor…it will be a big part of the console landscape in this generation.” Certain developers are […]
Warface Launches On October 21

Warface Launches on October 21

 |  James Griffin
Crytek’s free-to-play shooter, Warface, opens its doors to the public on October 21st. The company, known for their successful first-person shooter Crysis, hope to begin a new wave as a free-to-to-play developer. According to Joystiq, CEO Cevat Yerli says the company plans to go fully free-to-play in the next five years. Warface has gone through […]
Crytek Annouces Studio Dedicated To Online Gaming - 2013-01-17 21:11:51

Crytek annouces studio dedicated to online gaming

 |  Victoria Brown
 Crytek has announced the opening of Crytek Instanbul will focus on the development of free-to-play and online games.

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