Warface Breakout Revealed, Surprise Launches Today

Warface Breakout Revealed, Surprise Launches Today

Free-to-play FPS Warface has a new spin-off game titled Warface Breakout which is available to download starting today.

Labeled as a premium version of the shooter, Breakout offers a new set of game modes seen in others such as Counter-Strike: Source and Rainbow Six: Siege, including search-and-destroy and the traditional multiplayer deathmatch.

Produced by MY.GAMES and made in-house by Allods Team, Warface Breakout also goes a step above the original free game with a larger collection of “realistic” weapons that can be unlocked with progression. Despite the premium scope of Breakout, the game currently only has five maps: Oasis, Storage, Sandstorm, Facility and City.

Warface Breakout Revealed, Surprise Launches Today
Warface Breakout – MY.GAMES

The game’s PlayStation Blog post confirms Warface Breakout also keeps itself in one era unlike its original game. It sticks to a “near-future Earth where war has become a ceaseless business venture,” and players become mercenaries carrying out missions around the world. Two factions, Wardens and Reapers become the opposing multiplayer teams. While The Wardens are chaotic “warmongers,” the Reapers are bloodthirsty mercenaries looking for profits. Both sides also offer their own cosmetics and themes according to the team.

Of course, the game will continue to receive online support with the studios promising Warface Breakout will “continue to evolve after launch.” This includes the game getting newer maps, characters and additional modes on top of the premium price.

Warface Breakout is available to purchase on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for $19.99 USD, with a Deluxe $29.99 also being an option. The Deluxe Pack comes with a legendary knife and pistol cosmetics. Deluxe owners also get a special avatar and badge.

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