RUMOR: Next Grand Theft Auto to be Set in Liberty City?

RUMOR: Next Grand Theft Auto to be Set in Liberty City? - 2014-04-04 12:01:20

The rumour mill is already starting to spin in regards to the setting of Rockstar’s (as-yet) unannounced follow-up to Grand Theft Auto V.

In a recent interview with hip-hop music producer, Whoo Kidd, published on Baller Status hints that the next open-world adventure could very well be set in New York City. After getting Kid to open up about his experiences at the SXSW music festival, Baller Status goes on to ask about his involvement in video games.

“What video games were you in?”

Kid’s response is as follows, “I was in Call Of Duty and I was in some Grand Theft Auto games. I'm bout to be in the new Grand Theft Auto that takes place in New York again.”

Similar to those movie soundtracks released on CD as an album featuring music “inspired by a motion picture,” Whoo Kid’s musical prowess was featured in a mixtape made exclusively for Grand Theft Auto V.

In an effort to augment a player’s gaming experience with Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar enlisted the efforts of hip-hop maestros - Tyga, Jadakiss, Roscoe Dash, Kool G Rap to name a few – in an effort to further promote their game as well as their particular style of music.

It’s up in the air as to whether or not this unannounced title will be a simple case of single-player DLC or a full-on spin-off title. One thing that is for certain though, New York in the Grand Theft Auto universe could only mean one thing – Liberty City.

Check out the full interview. What real-world setting would you like to see Grand Theft Auto developers tackle next?

  • jb223

    I'm guessing this might be an expanded North Yankton for some GTA V dlc if true. I certainly hope they aren't going back to NYC yet again…if GTA just ping pongs back & forth between 2 locations on opposite coasts for the rest of its life, I don't foresee that life being as long as it could be. Even beyond that, IV was easily one of the worst in the series in terms of storytelling, and that means that Liberty City is creatively bankrupt at this point, we've explored it too many times for the city to become an actual character anymore, it's simply a backdrop upon which thin stories are placed. If this is actually a new MMO location for GTA Online to tide those fans over, that's fine, but I personally would like to see gaming go new places this gen, figuratively & literally

  • Losyak

    Maybe it's a port of IV to next-gen consoles...