Sega Humble Bundle Slashes Prices Up To 85 Per Cent 1

Sega has teamed up with Humble Bundle to release several of the company’s titles at incomparable prices to support over 35,000 charities.

Games discounted during the Sega bundle include Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed, many games in the Total War Series and Alien Isolation.

Shoppers can pick and choose from any of the company’s 13 offered titles at a standard discount rate of 75 per cent, but bundling games can increase the discount to 85 per cent off.

Bundling three games will increase the discount to 80 per cent, while choosing four or five will increase the discount to 83 or 85 percent off, respectively.

The Humble Store’s Sega bundle is available now, and will run through this Wednesday, May 11.