Scott Pilgrim is a 23-year-old man-boy. The term “man-boy” may be harsh, but what else can you call a chronically unemployed adult who lives off of his roommate and needs to be reminded not to stay in an enclosed space lacking air conditioning or ventilation during a heat wave? Despite his chronic immaturity, however, Scott’s always gotten by. Dealing with real work or real feelings hasn’t been too much of an issue when there are always others there to help Scott pull his weight.

Imagine the horror Scott faces when, within one summer, it seems like he is being forced to grow up. In Scott Pilgrim Gets it Together, the fourth instalment in Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim series, Scott’s almost-girlfriend, Ramona, starts mentioning the benefits of getting a job. Even worse, Wallace and Scott are kicked out of their apartment for not being able to pay rent and Wallace doesn’t seem to want Scott as a roommate again.

Scott never seems to catch a break and the fourth instalment in the Scott Pilgrim series is no different. Not only does Scott still need to defeat Ramona’s evil exes—the fourth of which is a surprising choice—but a mysterious and apparently random Asian man wielding a samurai sword is slicing through busses to attack him too!

Luckily, Scott’s old friend, Lisa, is back in town and she definitely serves as a distraction. Lisa is a fashionable, pretty actress and, more importantly, she’s totally into Scott.

Does Ramona really mean it when she says she doesn’t care about the time Scott and Lisa spend together? Where will Scott live if he can’t freeload off of Wallace? Will Scott ever say the “L” word to Ramona (and not the words “Lesbian” or “Lisa”—though he’s thinking of those things a lot, too)? More importantly, will Scott ever get it together?

Find out in the fourth Scott Pilgrim instalment! As always, this Scott Pilgrim book is worth the read.