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Virginia (Xbox One) Review 2

Virginia (Xbox One) Review

Virginia is a short narrative game about an FBI agent and her first assignment, which involves looking for a missing person while also investigating her partner for internal affairs. The entirety...
Ember (PC) Review 1

Ember (PC) Review

In the distant past, a time called 1999, my family came into possession of our first computer. My parents were positive this would be a valuable tool that would drastically improve...
Payday 2: Crimewave Edition (PS4) Review 5

Payday 2: Crimewave Edition (PS4) Review

I think Dane Cook was right on the money when he said every man wants to be part of a heist. I’ve often though fantasized about planning an elaborate robbery and...
ABZU (PS4) Review 1

ABZU (PS4) Review

ABZÛ is a difficult game to explain. It's a swimming simulator with a minimalist touch, from the story all the way down to the simple controls. I really mean minimal, as...
Terraria Releasing on Wii U in June

Terraria Releasing on Wii U This June

Wii U owners rejoice; the side-scrolling sandbox game Terraria is coming to to your console June 2016. Wii U may be one of the last consoles to get the Terraria treatment,...

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Kova Preview -

Kova Preview – Sharply Creative

Kova looks to take players to distant worlds; hunting for materials, prey, and ancient technology. It’s not exactly uncharted sci-fi territory to have a...