State of Decay coming to PC

  • Alex Coop | 
    Sep 6, 2013
State of Decay coming to PC

Undead Sanya, developer of State of Decay spoke up on NeoGAF, explaining how the highly-acclaimed zombie sandbox game will transition itself over from consoles to PCs through Steam.

The controller-only version of the game will be launched on Steam Early Access. He said no specific date can be announced yet because it’s completely up to Valve.

Sandbox Mode is still under testing, and no specific date is set for that either. Before the year is out however, Undead Labs intends to have a proper PC version of the game with mouse and keyboard support, out on Steam.

The game was previewed at PAX using a normal PC, with 2 year old components and settings set to medium.

According to the Xbox Live leaderboards, over 938,000 copies of the game have been sold so far.


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