Oculus Rift Game Will Help Your Eyesight

Oculus Rift Game Will Help Your Eyesight 1
| Dec 5, 2013

An IndieGoGo project, Diplopia, wants to repair your vision. Made for the Oculus Rift, the game uses virtual reality to help mend both lazy eyes and crossed eyes.

Gameplay involves bouncing a ball around a virtual room, slowly gaining power-ups. The way the game plays allows certain portions to focus on each eye. According to the campaign page, “these strategies have been used in treatments that have been shown to be up to 6 times more effective than the typical treatment.”

But Diplopia is not for everyone. Asking a doctor first is recommended, as it can cause double vision. Still, this sort of game suggests the kind of advancements the Oculus Rift can give to the gaming world.

The fundraiser initially asked for $2,000, but supporters have already raised over 10,000. If the game gets to 12 thousand, the title will have nVidia 3D vision. The goal after that adds Kinect support. You can check out the IndieGoGo page here.