Unleash Your Inner Demon In Outcast

Unleash Your Inner Demon In Outcast
| Jan 15, 2014

Last October, Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman announced Outcast, a brand new comic series.

In an interview with IGN yesterday, Kirkman talked more about Outcast, including its main plot, which revolves around possession of the soul.

Outcast is about a guy named Kyle Barnes, and he is a guy who has been plagued by demonic possession his entire life. He’s had a lot of people close to him become afflicted with this phenomenon, and he doesn’t really understand why. When we pick up with him in the series, it’s a time when he’s deciding to learn more about this, to find out why this is happening to him in an effort to fix it so that he can get his life in order.”

The series is illustrated by Paul Azaceta. In a recent Twitter post, he wrote “One more – Thanks to @RobertKirkman for the hugs.” The series is set to debut this June and you’ll be sure CGM will be there to review it.