Decapre Is Different Than Cammy

| Mar 18, 2014
Decapre Is Different Than Cammy 2

While Ultra Street Fighter IV’s newest character has a striking similarity to fan-favorite Cammy, the play-styles of the two fighters couldn’t be more different.

Much of Decapre’s moves are aesthetically similar, but she is actually a charge character in the same vein as Guile. This is much different than Cammy’s overall strategy, which is a vortex mix-up style. She also lacks any charge moves whatsoever. Also interesting that is while Cammy is British, Decapre is actually Russian.

This also marks the first appearance of Decapre as a playable fighter, as she has had but a quick NPC cameo as one of M. Bison’s doll bodyguards. The other new characters are Rolento, Hugo, Poison and Elena.

Ultra Street Fighter IV was revealed at last year’s Evolution Fighting Championship and features new faces as well as some gameplay tweaks. You can pick it up for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in June (with a PC port coming out in August).

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