Jump into the Book of Demons Later This Year

Jump into the Book of Demons Later This Year
| Mar 10, 2016

A new hack ‘n slash is on its way to Steam later this year, one that promises to be welcoming to newcomers and challenging for veterans.

From Polish developer, Thing Trunk, comes Book of Demons, a twisted tale of dark humour featuring a fresh art style with a paper cutout look.

Book of Demons features a card building system that allows players to unify items, spells and skills. A different kind of movement system is supposed to allow for more strategic gameplay as you fight you way through the randomized dungeons, populated with over 60 different types of terrifying creatures. Select from three different character classes and choose how long you want your dungeon to be with the new Flexiscope system to determine how long you’ll play for.

Book of Demons is to be the first installment in the Return 2 Games series that Thing Trunk had announced earlier, last year.

You can pre-order a copy now at the promo price of $14.95. It will be available later this year on Windows only, but more platforms are planned for future release.