THQ Nordic Aquires Rad Rodgers IP

| Mar 31, 2017
THQ Nordic Aquires Rad Rodgers IP

THQ Nordic announced that the company’s acquired the right to the Rad Rodgers IP from Slipgate Studios.

After purchasing the Assets to Rad Rodgers, THQ Nordic will hold all rights to the property. A deal has also been made between THQ Nordic and Slipgate Studios to complete Rad Rodgers on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with development beginning now.

Rad Rodgers: World One is a PC platformer that originated as a crowdfunded Kickstarter project in September 2016. The game was developed as a call back to platformers of the 90s, similar to games like Jazz Jackrabbit. Players control Rad, a rambunctious young boy who loves to play video games. After being sucked into a vortex to another world, Rad finds himself placed in his own video game styled adventure, alongside his ally Dusty, Rad’s old, now-sentient video game console. Using Dusty, Rad can access a variety of different weapons players can use to dispatch enemies. The game features plenty of hard to find collectables and secret locations, offering a lot of replay value for even experienced gamers.

SlipGate Studios (formerly Interceptor Entertainment) is a Danish video game development studio, responsible for creating Rad Rodgers. The studio previously developed Rise of the Triad in 2013, a remake of Rise of the Triad: Dark War, that originally released in 1995. In 2016, Slipgate released Bombshell on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The game was met with negative reception for its buggy and bland gameplay. Earlier this month, the studio explained the changes in the studio along with the name company’s name change to backers of the Rad Rodgers.

THQ Nordic is a subsidiary of Nordic Games, formed after the THQ trademark along with some of the company’s properties in 2014. Since forming, THQ Nordic announced a few remastered versions of older titles such as Sin Mora EX and Locks Quest, both announced for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Rad Rodgers is available now on PC, release dates for the ports will be announced later in 2017.

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