My Hero One’s Justice 2 Is On Its Way

| Sep 27, 2019
My Hero One’s Justice 2 Is On Its Way 1

Bandai Namco has announced My Hero One’s Justice 2 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch, the latest issue of Weekly Jump reveals.

The sequel to the My Hero Academia arena fighter will retain the battle system of its predecessor while adding a significant amount of new playable characters, including new characters that appear in the fourth season of the TV anime. The first new character confirmed is Kai Chisaki, whose Quirk is called “Overhaul.” I’ll just say he’ll be a grappler and leave it at that. In addition to character-specific actions, Quirk abilities are also being significantly upgraded; an unclear statement that nonetheless leaves me shivering in anticipation.

See, I’m kind of inside-baseball when it comes to arena fighters. I was excited by the prospect of an MHA fighter from the word go, but my hype and faith in its quality skyrocketed when I discovered that Byking, a Japanese developer known for their quality arena fighters/shooters, had been handed the project. It still fell prey to the usual lack of resources endemic to almost all Namco Bandai fighting games, but I could see a firm foundation in it despite the circumstances. I sincerely hope that this game allows the devs time to polish and revise their work, as I can see this game standing alongside the recent Kill la Kill fighter as a new quality standard in licensed arena fighters.

My Hero One’s Justice 2 Is On Its Way
My Hero One’s Justice 2 – Famitsu Scan

My Hero One’s Justice 2 will come to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch at some point in the future. The Xbox One version will be a digital-only release in Japan. The official website will eventually be available here. The next season of the MHA anime is starting in a scant few weeks, and a second movie has been confirmed for December, so My Hero Academia fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming months – and I, at least, have another console Byking game to look forward to!

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