Resolution Games announces co-op kitchen title Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale for VR systems

Gourmet sandwiches in VR are not edible.

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The developers of Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs and Acron: Attack of the Squirrels! announced the details of their latest game Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale.

Under a multiplayer kitchen setting, players in VR would become sandwich chefs in an establishment which becomes busier over time.

In a release, Cook-Out relies on teamwork seen from real kitchens while piecing together a selection of sandwiches. 

Quick fingers are needed to stack the right ingredients while teams need “collaboration and communication to keep the customers happy.”

Each level also progresses into hotter waters while specific order requests could throw cooks off during service.

Resolution Games also continues its multiplayer-based gameplay in VR following Attack of the Squirrels!, which required a team of players to strategically move past an enemy defending a tree in VR.

“We feel that Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale will be a great illustration of how players can have a ton of fun when they work together in VR – especially given the frantic environment of a busy restaurant kitchen,” CEO Tommy Palm stated in the release.

No release details have been shared about the game yet and it’s expected to come out on major SteamVR and Oculus headsets “later this year.”