Ready Player Two Live Bigscreen VR Event With Ernest Cline Announced

| Nov 25, 2020
Ready Player Two Live Bigscreen VR Event With Ernest Cline Announced

Ernest Cline’s Ready Player Two is out, along with a list for his virtual tour, including a VR Bigscreen live Q & A.

The Bigscreen event will be Saturday, December 5, at 7 pm CT, with founder Darshan Shanker.

Paralleling with his first book, Ready Player One, Ernest Cline wanted to give fans the opportunity to be a part of his virtual tour using VR, just like Wade Watts and the Oasis.

If you don’t have VR or have never heard of Bigscreen, please check out the trailer below.

Seeing Ernest Cline in VR is equally exciting for fans of the book as for Wade Watts when he came face to face with James Halliday’s avatar Anorak. This opportunity allows fans to take one step deeper into the sci-fi world Cline created and provides a type of experience similar to that of a theme park; meaning, the event will be exhilarating.

Like the parks, Universal Studios or Disney World, which allow people to encounter fictional characters and worlds in reality, the VR Bigscreen event is the type of reality that brings fans closer to the world, characters, and creator of Ready Player Two, Ernest Cline.

Here’s a guide and preview of what it’s like to use Bigscreen on a VR device.

 Although a virtual tour is deemed appropriate for a novel involving a world set in VR, Ernest Cline didn’t plan for these events to occur. Due to the pandemic caused by Covid-19, the VR world is the next best thing, and the closest one can get to their favorite author.

Contact your High Five and mark your calendars for Saturday, December 5, 7 pm CT for the must-see Bigscreen live Q & A with Ernest Cline and Darshan Shanker.

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