BlackBerry 10 – Ready for battle?

BlackBerry 10 - Ready for battle?

And in this corner, from Waterloo Ontario, weighing in at a lean ten pounds, known as the business brick, the crackberry, and that thing daddy won’t put away so we can have a nice dinner….. Thhhhhhhhhe BLACKBERRY!

It’s go time for Research in Motion. Over the last few years the BlackBerry manufacturer has been losing ground to Apple’s iPhone and the many, many, many devices on the market running Google’s Android operating system, but this month that could all change. On January 30


RIM will reveal their new digital platform for mobile and tablet devices named BB10. Recently I had the chance to speak with RIM and they seemed very excited and optimistic about the new platform. From the features I’ve seen it seems to me that BB10 may just be the step in the right direction that RIM needs to stay relevant. Personally, I’ve been a BlackBerry user for a few years now and recently even I’ve felt left behind by my iPhone using friends. After speaking with RIM and doing some of my own research I will say that RIM may have something with BB10. The features I’ve seen like BlackBerry Balance – which allows you to keep your personal and work spaces separate on the same device – seem incredibly useful for someone who does a big portion of their work on their phone. I’m also excited to get my hands on the new keyboard. I’m still a fan of BlackBerry’s old physical keyboard but the new touch interface looks more intuitive than Apple’s and might be what keeps me from switching to iOS or Android.

Watch for my interview with Anders Jeppsson, RIM’s Global Director of Gaming in the next issue of Comics and Gaming Magazine where we discuss the development of RIM’s new platform and what BB10 means for developers and gamers. He didn’t get specific but he did mention that some big name game developers were working with BB10. I’m simply hoping that this platform will introduce some fresh new competition into the mobile market which has been run as a duopoly for too long.

Will RIM take a bite out of Apple and a few blots out of Android? Or will BlackBerry end up as digital jam? Will shall find out when BB10 is revealed on January 30


. Then read all about what BB10
means for gaming in the next issue of CGM.

“BB10 is much more than an operating system. It’s an entire digital platform, an ecosystem that not only covers mobile phones and tablets but is also compatible with things like cars.”

-Anders Jeppsson

Global Director of Games at Research in Motion

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