CGM Brand of the Year 2021 Nominee: Dyson

CGM Brand of the Year 2021 Nominee: Dyson 1

When it comes to Dyson, I’m their biggest fan.

There’s no denying they make quality products. They are an investment, but they are an investment for life. It’s also a brand name that will make your friends go, “Wow, Dyson, Nice” every time they come over, guaranteed.

Dyson was created back in 1991 (a year after I was born for those keeping track) by James Dyson. Originally started in Europe, Dyson is now based out of Singapore with 12,000 employees. I have a number of Dyson products in my house, and I couldn’t be more impressed. They truly are worth their weight in gold. I’m usually not one to kiss a brand’s ass, and don’t fall head over heels in love with a lot of products, but Dyson knows how to win me over. From fans to hair dryers, they make some of the best products in the business.

Cgm Brand Of The Year 2021: Dyson
Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Formaldehyde HP09

As I sit here writing this story you are so enthralled by, the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Formaldehyde HP09 is blowing in my face. A remarkably simple device that is not only functional but practical. And that’s what I like so much about the brand. Everything they produce is necessary and done so elegantly. If you can look past the price Dyson delivers on quality in every which way.

Much like a great brand should, the products last for ages. I won’t say a lifetime, but long enough that it makes sense to buy in. It’s no cult, and I’ve never heard anyone refer to Dyson the same way they would say, Peloton, but the level of perfection is there. Those that know, know. I had no idea vacuuming my floors could be fun until I picked up a Dyson vacuum. Seriously, they’ve made vacuuming feel like a fun video game.

We are only a few sentences in, and you might think I have a brown nose for the company. Perhaps you’re thinking I need to cool down, or they are paying me to sing their praises. But I don’t need to, the company doesn’t need the extra praise. The brand name and word of mouth is strong enough on its own.

After spending the past 10 days in Vancouver, BC with my mother and her Stepford wives friends I saw first-hand the power of the Dyson. They love their Dyson products more than I do. It was a fight amongst all the middle-aged women to decide who has the better vacuum or hair blower. And Dyson won every time. It’s incredible.

Cgms Brand Of The Year Awards: Dyson 3
Dyson V12

If you like sleek sexy appliances, then Dyson is for you. The Air Purifier I have living in my bedroom is tall, sleek, and effective. The purifier combines intelligent sensing with an advanced HEPA filtration system that captures gases and 99.97% of particles in the home. It has backward air flow, 350 degrees of motion and does both hot and cold air and despite having central AC in my house, it’s still a good idea to have a purifier to help with allergens.

Having seen their products for years I’m still blown away by their fanless fan. It feels like a bit of magic every time I turn it on. It just works so well and efficiently. There’s no hassle setting up any of their products. They just work. I review a lot of tech, and I probably sound like a broken radio, but I love when a product just works. You can just plug it in and go. Sure, you might have to download an app, but you can use it without.

That is how I feel about Dyson. It’s simple. It’s plug and play, and I love that. If I’m going to recommend a product that is targeted at everyone, I want it to be easy and accessible and Dyson fills that void. I love that about them.

I literally feel like a corporate shill writing this article. It’s like “oh look at Brock, he’s got a serious love on for this brand,” but it’s true, I do love this brand. I feel very strongly about recommending any one of their products to anyone. From the tech adverse to the tech experts, I know that there’s something in Dyson’s line for everyone. It’s easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy. Dyson makes hands down great quality products that will last a hell of a long time. I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to invest in them. I have my eyes on the hair dryer next, which I’m sure will very much please my partner.

If you’re thinking I got paid to write this, I did not. While in Vancouver they hit temperatures of 50+ degrees (110+ F) and I had to buy my mom a fan. I could have goon for the cheap option, but I did the right thing and bought her a Dyson because A) it would do the job, and B) it was going to be around probably longer than she is (Sorry mom!).

God bless you Dyson. I love a good quality product that doesn’t feel the need to overly market themselves. I’m not sure I can ever recall even seeing an ad for their product on TV, but it’s a powerful brand name. They are the best and they know it. I love that. Own that confidence. You deserve it. I’m your biggest fan.

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