Things to Remember When You’re on a Gaming Marathon

5 things to remember when youre on a gaming marathon 23041704

We’ve all been there. One minute it’s 6 pm, the next, it’s pushing daybreak the following day, and your work time is quickly approaching. Gaming marathons can be hugely fun, but if you disappear down the rabbit hole, it can be an effort to get back out. Here are some things to remember when you’re in the midst of a gaming epic. 

1. Remember to Eat & Drink  

NEWSFLASH! Humans need sustenance to survive, and no, that doesn’t mean a regular supply of cherry cola and candy. Without proper food—and we’re talking fruit, vegetables, and decent protein—you’ll begin to feel sluggish throughout the day. Even worse, you’ll notice a slowdown in your reaction times.  

Water is even more vital. Humans can go for around three days without water, but you’ll feel tired in five or six hours without that high-quality H2O. Yes, soda and other drinks contain water, but they also contain plenty of rubbish that won’t make you feel so good. Have a good meal every five hours or so, and have a large bottle of water nearby when you’re on a gaming marathon. 

While we’re on the subject of food, remember to clean up those old plates. Rotting food will inevitably attract rodents, and before you know it, you’ll have to pause the game and head to the supermarket to buy the best rat poison you can find. The last thing you want is for rodents to chew through your power cord when you’re about to win an epic battle.  

2. Remember to Stretch 

Crouched over in one position for hours will cause serious bodily harm. Without proper movement, your muscles will begin to seize up, and cramps begin. A few basic stretches every couple of hours will suffice, but pausing the game and going for an hour-long walk will be much better.   

Things To Remember When Youre On A Gaming Marathon 23041704

3. Remember to Sleep 

It can be all too easy to slip into the gaming black hole, and before you know it, it’s 4 am, and your alarm for work is drawing near. Lack of sleep is a serious matter that can lead to a whole catalogue of problems. Side effects from lack of proper sleep include lowering your immune system, depression, weight gain, lack of focus, and inhibited sex drive. Try for 7-8 hours of sound sleep a night to lead a healthy life.    

4. Create a Healthy Environment  

There’s plenty that you can do before you start gaming that helps to create a healthy environment. Your chair and table are the best places to start. Ideally, you want a good quality chair with lumbar and neck support, while armrests at 90-degree angles are also excellent at minimizing tiredness in the arms. 

Your monitor should ideally be at eye level, and even better if you have a desk that is height adjustable. Moving from sitting to standing every few hours will help you stretch out those muscles and keep you more alert and focused.   

5. Take a Break

As great as the game is and how well you’re doing, take a break now and again. It’s vital to staying sane and connected to the real world. 

A break means having a shower, putting on some of that deodorant stuff, and venturing into the land of the living. Gaming is great, but so is the real world. If you want to get the most out of your virtual experience, you need to take care of what’s happening in reality. 

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