How Technology Has Helped Improve Workplace Productivity

how technology has helped improve workplace productivity 531319

While you might be used to being told to stay off your mobile phone at work, technology has hugely positively impacted the contemporary workplace. Let’s explore the advantages of mobile technology and some of the most popular platforms contributing to better workplace productivity and motivation in the office.

Virtually connecting with colleagues

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At a time when remote working has become the expected norm for many fields, either part or full-time, technology has played a big role in improving workplace productivity. Platforms such as Zoom have created a way to connect quickly and can be used on a range of devices. This has proven highly supportive of virtual meetings and keeping in touch, whether you are in the office or at home. Zoom can accommodate a large number of virtual attendees, so it can also help to improve attendance at conferences and meetings. With remote teams, communication can be hard if you’re always connecting virtually and staff morale can sometimes take a dip. However, managers and team leaders can recognize hard work and encourage self-care to keep staff uplifted and motivated.

Streamlining your workflow

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As well as being a great online platform for virtual meetings and calls, Microsoft Teams has been the main tool in improving workplace productivity during remote or hybrid working. Furthermore, Teams can be integrated with automated workflows and dashboards so that work can be streamlined and team members can have better oversight and understanding. Disconnection or silo working is common in remote workforces and even in office environments, so having a central location like this is essential.

Utilising better storage for your files

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We have all heard about reducing paper waste and creating better processes that aren’t based around ancient storage systems. As many of us store files on our computers now, it’s always important to ensure that these are properly backed up. Utilizing cloud storage for business, such as Dropbox, can improve workplace productivity by building a central point where files can be accessed, even for small businesses that may not be able to spend on larger platforms.

Apps to help boost workplace productivity

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Although spending too much time on your mobile during work can negatively impact productivity, plenty of mobile apps can also help speed up your work. Rather than playing games or checking social media when you should be working, plenty of desktop applications are available in the App Store, too such as Trello, Slack, and Canva. Using such apps can help speed things up, especially if you’re busy commuting to a work meeting. At work, you can also use apps with ambient sounds to help improve focus. Apps like Calm, Rainy Mood, and Ambiance, have a range of ambient sounds that can give the auditory impression of being in a cafe, out in the rain, or next to a babbling brook. Moderate ambient sound can boost your focus rather than distracting you from work, and can even inspire more creative thinking.

Speeding up response rates

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Do you remember the days when email trails were hundreds of messages long? Sometimes this can still happen, but instant messaging at work has allowed quick communication using mobile technology to connect with colleagues. Waiting for someone to read an email can be stressful and feel overly formal, creating gaps in workflow and slowing everyone down. Platforms such as Slack or instant messaging within Microsoft Teams are fast and easy, creating better and less formal relationships between team members.

Music and podcasts for better concentration

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Not everyone can focus while listening to music or podcasts, and sometimes it can be difficult to focus on work while there is background noise. But studies have shown that some types of music and sounds can help boost productivity and concentration, whether you need to focus on your studies or office work. Using mobile apps such as Spotify to access music or Acast or Castbox for podcasts can be a great way to improve focus and boost your productivity. While some may enjoy working in silence, music can be practical in open-plan environments. By blocking out other office noise, you will be able to focus on your own work more easily.

Technology is a wonderful way to connect with your colleagues and work on group projects. Not only that, but it can allow you to improve your focus and increase your sense of calm and productivity. By using technology to your advantage at work, you can enjoy all these benefits and more.

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