How to Record and Edit Gameplay Videos

How to Record and Edit Gameplay Videos 4

If you are a gamer, you must have come across several channels dedicated to sharing gameplay videos.

If you, too, want to make it big in the online gaming community, and you plan to share your gameplay with the world, you will need to understand everything about recording and editing gameplay videos. Remember, simply recording your game screen with an external camera and posting the footage online will not help you get followers, even if you add commentary to your game.

It is vital to learn all about the equipment and how the video should be created to make people want to watch your video. Additionally, you can use online video editors to give your gameplay video a more polished and professional look. 

Here are some practical tips to help you record and edit gameplay videos:

Decide on the type of PC or console

The type of device that you use to play the game will depend on the type of game that you play. For instance, to play online PC games, you would need a laptop, whereas, for games such as Minecraft, Fortnite, and others, you would need a console like PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, etc.

Recording your play on any of these types of devices is a straightforward process. If you record via PC, you don’t need an extra camera; you simply need to use screen recording software. This type of software records whatever is displayed on your screen. However, if you are using a console, you may require a video capture device in addition to the screen recording software. In both cases, the recording process does not interfere with your game. 

Buy the right gear

Selecting the right gear will help you record your video at good quality so that when it is posted online, the gameplay video will attract more views. Some gear required to record and edit gameplay videos include:

  • If you are using a console for playing, then use a video capture device – If you are playing on a PlayStation, a video capture device will help you connect your TV to the computer and record everything happening on your screen with the help of a screen recording software. While purchasing a video capture device, make sure that the device records the commentary and the game audio. 
  • Screen recording software – You would need to download a screen recording software on your PC regardless of whether you are using a console, PC, or laptop for playing. A screen recording software will help you record whatever is taking place on your screen, no matter what screen you are using to play the games. 
  • Camera – To record yourself playing a video and to record the commentary, you will need an extra camera. You can make use of an external camera that helps you add effects, images, titles and enhances your picture quality. 
  • Headphones and mic – To add a live commentary to your video, you need a good quality microphone. You can use the microphone on your gaming headset, but a USB microphone will enhance the quality of your video. For best results, you can record your voice-over separately and then patch the audio to your footage with the help of a video editor. 
  • Editing tool  – The last thing required to record and edit gameplay videos before uploading them online is a good video editing software or tool. A video editor will help you to put everything together and add enhancements to the video, such as effects, transitions, animations, graphics, text, etc.
How To Record And Edit Gameplay Videos

To edit gameplay, you will need to import your video or footage using video editor tools. It is recommended that you collect all your footage in one folder so that you have all your media files in one place when you start the editing process. Here are some useful steps to follow to edit gameplay videos:

Add the footage to the timeline

This enables the footage to move from the media window to the timeline tracks on the editing software or tool.

Edit the footage

Now, you can combine all the clips from your game. If you want more people to watch your gameplay video and keep them engaged, editing is a crucial step. You can drag the clip, trim it, cut it, and adjust its position in the editing software or tool. Additionally, you can also decide on the flow of your clip and drag it along the timeline. Similarly, if your audio footage is different, you can carry out the same editing process. 

Include titles and transitions

If you want to give your video a professional and snazzy look, it is a good idea to add titles to your gaming video. You can choose a template for your title from various online templates or from the templates built into the editing software or tool. Depending on your preference, you can change the font, colour, and position of the text in your video with the help of the editing software or tool. Additionally, you can also add transitions to your video. These transitions would let your gameplay video have cohesion and look interesting for the viewers. Additionally, it is recommended that you keep the volume of background music low so that the viewers can hear the commentary clearly. 


Once all these editing details are completed, you can save after you edit gameplay videos and export them to your desired file format. After this, you can share your gameplay video with your friends and on social media for all to see. A well-edited video is highly liked and preferred by the viewers. 

Before publishing your video on any social media or online platform, there are some important pointers to keep in mind. First, be aware of and understand the copyright issues of the games that you are playing when planning to record a gameplay video. Some gaming companies have issued copyright statements that restrict gamers to some extent while creating videos. Additionally, it is vital to check the copyright policy of the audio you plan to use in the background. If there are any copyright issues, your video could get restricted, and you may be unable to upload them on any online platform. 

A gameplay video lets you share your gaming skills with the world and get feedback for your gaming skills from the gaming community. You can use video capturing devices and video editing software to record and edit your gameplay videos. 

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