Predictions of What We’ll See from Sony PlayStation at E3 2017

Predictions of What We'll See from Sony PlayStation at E3 2017

With E3 fast approaching, excitement is at its peak with rumours and speculations about what will be shown during the next week. Here at CGMagazine, we have our own ideas about what games are likely to appear at this year’s E3. These are some of the titles we’re expecting to see from Sony and why we think they’ll be there.

God of War

Predictions Of What We'Ll See From Sony Playstation At E3 2017

Sony’s soft reboot of their God of War series is guaranteed to appear at E3 this year. With giant advertisements already being found on buildings in LA, it’s certain that Sony is prepared to show more of the game past what we saw during its debut at Sony’s 2016 E3 presentation. Sony introduced a very different take on the series last year with its preview, sporting a new engine rebuilt from the ground up. Taking place after the third God of War game, Kratos returns as the main protagonist, now fighting to protect his son. Aside from seeing more gameplay, we’ll like learn a solid release date on when we’ll see the game next year.

Knack 2

Predictions Of What We'Ll See From Sony Playstation At E3 2017

Sony has an uphill battle to face when it comes to marketing Knack 2. After the first game’s poor reception and sales numbers, it was a surprise seeing Knack again at Sony’s 2016 PlayStation Experience event. Scheduled to launch later this year, Sony needs to show people how this game fixes the flaws that were found in the first title and E3 is likely to be the stage where Sony does it. It’s safe to expect a new trailer, showing off more of th cooperative gameplay and focus on some of the new features. At most, we’ll see an on stage demo of the game but that seems like a bit much for Knack.

The Last of Us 2

Predictions Of What We'Ll See From Sony Playstation At E3 2017

The Last of Us 2 may be one of the most highly anticipated titles currently in development for Sony’s home console. Set years after the first title, Naughty Dog’s new entry will continue the stories of Joel and Ellie with players taking control of Ellie this time around. Aside from a few brief details from Naughty Dog, nothing has been seen or heard about the Last of Us 2 since its announcement last year.

Spider Man on PlayStation 4


Aside from one pretty awesome trailer, we know next to nothing about the unexpectedly announced Spider Man game coming to the PlayStation 4 but with Ratchet and Clank’s Insomniac Games behind it, there’s enough reason to be excited. We’ve gotten a taste of their ability to create an open world environment with their previously developed title, Sunset Overdrive, but being able to control the web slinger through a modern day New York could be one of the greatest open world games released in a long time. Rumors have been circulating the internet that Sony’s new Spider Man will hit shelves sometime this year making it all the more likely that it’ll appear in some form at this year’s E3.

Detroit: Become Human

Predictions Of What We'Ll See From Sony Playstation At E3 2017

Quantic Dream’s interactive thriller centering arounds androids existing among humans had a strong showing at last year’s E3. Building off of everything Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls accomplished, Detroit: Become Human is being developed as Quantic Dream’s biggest project. With over two years of work behind the game’s script alone, it’s obvious that a lot of work has gone into this game. There’s little doubt that Sony won’t be eager to show off such a grandiose title coming exclusively to the PlayStation 4.

PlayStation VR

Predictions Of What We'Ll See From Sony Playstation At E3 2017

Since its original unveiling, Sony has continued to bring up PlayStation VR in one way or another. With company in the process of pushing VR more than ever before, we can be certain we’ll hear something new about supporting the headset. While we don’t know just how much we’ll see of the PlayStation VR this year, it’s likely we’ll hear a few game announcements or be shown a sizzle reel of upcoming titles planned for this year and the next.

Bloodborne 2

Predictions Of What We'Ll See From Sony Playstation At E3 2017

This one might be a bit of a long shot but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that From Software is hard at work to replace the hole in our hearts created by the ending of the Souls series with quicksilver bullets in the form of a sequel to 2015’s Bloodborne. Some pretty convincing screenshots suggest that the game may be real but let’s not forget that the internet is practically flooded with well done mock-ups, especially around this time of year. We’re cautiously optimistic about this one in any case.

These are our picks on what Sony is most likely to show at E3 this year. Unfortunately, we know that Death Stranding and Shenmue 3 won’t be shown this year or they would’ve likely ended up on this list. Is there anything you’re expecting to see from Sony this year? Let us know what some of your most anticipated Sony titles are and if you think there’s a chance they’ll make it to E3 this year!

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