Predictions of What We’ll See from Nintendo at E3 2017

Predictions of What We’ll See from Nintendo at E3 2017 4

With 2017 being Nintendo’s first E3 since the Switch launched worldwide, fans of Nintendo are looking forward to seeing what the company has in store to encourage gamers to buy their new home console while pleasing the Switch early adopters. There’s a lot that Nintendo could possibly show during their presentation this year. Here’s what we at CGMagazine believe Nintendo is likely to show off E3 for this year and the next.

Super Mario Odyssey

Predictions Of What We’ll See From Nintendo At E3 2017 1

After the breathtaking trailer shown in January during Nintendo’s Switch presentation, Switch owners have been dying to get their hands on Mario’s return to his N64 3D style roots. Planned to release later this year, Nintendo has already promised to show off more of the game at E3 2017. On top of that, playable demo stations will allow even those who aren’t attending E3 to get their hands on the game, if only for a little while.

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

Predictions Of What We’ll See From Nintendo At E3 2017

Super Mario Odyssey isn’t the only upcoming title we’re likely to see the plumber star in on the Switch this year. There’s a good chance that the bizarre Ubisoft/Nintendo mashup will make its formal debut during Nintendo’s E3 presentation this year. A lot of information regarding this game poured onto the internet recently but for a lot of us, it’s still hard to believe that the game exists or why. Hopefully seeing Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle in action will change the minds of those who are outraged by the return of the Rabbids.

Super Smash Bros. Switch


There have been rumours going around about this one since the reveal of the Switch but with games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and the even more recently announced Pokken Tournament DX, it’s likely that Nintendo’s all-star fighting game will be picked up, and ported onto the Switch as well. A Switch version of Super Smash Bros. may also explain why Nintendo’s held back on releasing the amiibos for Cloud, Bayonetta and Corrin.

Fire Emblem Warriors or Fire Emblem 2018 Switch

Predictions Of What We’ll See From Nintendo At E3 2017

Fire Emblem Warriors has already been shown a bit recently, highlighting a few features and characters but there’s a good chance we’ll see a proper trailer for this game with its development being nearly complete. It’s less likely we’ll see any of the next main Fire Emblem title, but with recent comments being made about the game’s visuals, it’s possible that Nintendo wish show a brief glimpse of what fans will experience next year.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Predictions Of What We’ll See From Nintendo At E3 2017

Nintendo’s holding firm that Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will release this year, despite the fact that we haven’t seen or heard anything about the game since its initial announcement. We’ll hopefully get a new trailer showing off the open world game in its more completed state, preferably in English this time.

Square Enix RPG

Predictions Of What We’ll See From Nintendo At E3 2017

It’s hard to say which Square Enix title is going to appear during Nintendo’s presentation this year. There’s a number of Dragon Quest titles announced for the Switch that might be shown, confirming a western announcement for any of them. Project Octopath Traveler was shown previously during the Nintendo Switch presentation, giving us a short look at what the team behind Bravely Default is currently working on. There’s also Lost Sphear, a recently announced JRPG by the makers of I Am Setsuna. Any of these have a good chance of making it into Nintendo’s presentation.

Indie Titles


It wouldn’t be a modern Nintendo presentation without a run-through of all the upcoming titles being developed for the Switch and 3DS. With such a large amount of indie games being worked on for Nintendo’s platforms, expect a montage showing off all the different game’s we’ll be getting in 2017 and early 2018.

Unknown Retro Title

Predictions Of What We’ll See From Nintendo At E3 2017

This announcement is one that many fans have been waiting to see. There’s been a lot of speculation that a Retro Studios title will appear at E3 this year which just means the revival of an older Nintendo IP, specifically Metroid. We have no idea how realistic this one actually is but it would be great to see the return of the space bounty hunter after what feels like a lifetime.

With so much mystery behind the majority of Nintendo’s plans, it isn’t easy to say what we’ll see from them next week. Let us know what surprises you believe Nintendo has in store for us during E3 this year. You can also check out our E3 predictions for Sony this year here.

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